8 best gift ideas for healthy Mother’s Day 2021

Being a Mother for the first time is awesome! Right?

They help us in everything washing, cooking, studying, and pick you up every time you falls.

As Mothers’ day is around the corner, we all must be planning what to gift to your lovely Moms, Grand Moms and Mother in law ☺  .

Keeping the current scenario in mind, I think we must remain healthy and take good care of our Moms & loved ones.

Everyone has their unique way to show love.

We can make the day special by cooking for them, arrange a small dinner for her, gift her something or any personalized card or photo frame.

Here are 10 gift ideas to make your Mother’s Day special:

Handmade Card:

You can create a card for your mother like my son can create photo album or any personalised gift.

A cup : you can gift her a personalised coffee mug with a sweet message on it. Every time they use it reminds them your love for them.

Best Mother Trophy : It’s not just a trophy, basically a reward for their non stop service/love/care. As that is priceless and precious but this Best mother trophy can remind them your love every time thay saw.

Wooden Board with Picture : A beautiful Wooden Board with Picture gives a beautiful look to the wall or desk.

Cooking: You can cook a delicious meal for your mother, which she deserves.

Bouquet: Make her wake up with a beautiful bouquet or a Rose, Tulips, Daises, or Lilies.

A day trip: Due to Covid, we can’t go outside but you can make some arrangements in the garden.

Decorate the particular area with flowers and handmade cards, make her sit there with some music and a teapot in the evening and You can do some coloring together in coloring book as colors have the superpower to heal and make a person calm.

Gifting: You can gift any perfume, Jewellery, clothes, Beauty Items, or Handbags of her choice. 

Watch a Movie: You can watch a movie of her choice with some Popcorns.

Handwritten Letter: you can gift her a handwritten letter as it is out of trend nowadays.

These are some tips which you can do while staying at home this year. 

Though one day of celebration is not enough to make them feel special we can show them in different ways that they are super Important, special and god to us.

Be healthy and Stay at home!

Wish you a very Happy Mother’s Day!