recommend some educational toys and puzzles for the age group 2 – 5 years

When Learning Becomes Fun with 8 Educational Toys!!

What is education and how educational toys are helpful ?
is it all about scoring marks like we used be taught during our times well today if you ask me its more about awareness. Now when we talk about awareness in kids…they need to be aware about themselves and the world around them.

Likewise when I was searching for a pre school for my daughter who merely knew the meaning of education I had a big responsibility on my shoulders as her pre school was going to be an introduction of what education means.

Like all of you I also wanted the best for my child….i not only wanted a school but an institution where learning is about using all the five senses as drawing a child’s attention to the five senses and discussing them increases understanding of and communication about the world around us.

Like we say everything has a positive side. During this pandemic where there was just negativity surrounding all of us and our children I got a chance to sit through my daughter’s online classes well that entirely changed the way I was teaching her. I got introduced to various innovative methods of education.

To talk about one such method…. There were lot of educational toys being used to introduce a concept to the child. From there I started including more and more puzzles and toys meant to develop problem solving skills and teach about conflict resolution.

I also understood that It also teaches children about sharing, helps develop their fine and gross motor skills and nurtures their creativity and imagination.Moreover playing with these toys and solving puzzles with my daughter helped me enhance our bonding…. it was as if was reliving my childhood.

So here I recommend some educational toys and puzzles for the age group 2 – 5 years.

  • Animal Finger Puppets (You can Introduce the puppets by the sounds these animals make, talk about their natural habitat like Farm or Jungle. Modulate your voice for each puppets, sing songs or rhymes, give the animal cute names. An amazing and fun way of introducing animals).
  • Skola wood toys Alphabet and numbers finger puppets (A delightful way of introducing alphabets and numbers to the child as they can insert their fingers in the wooden puppets learn simple word formation also enhance their arithmetic skills and help them hone fine motor skills as well).
  • Shifu Safari: 60 animal flash cards (A must have augmented reality game, bring home the zoo, real life experience of animals in their habitat, distinctive sounds they make and their unique actions).
  • ImagimakeMapology : States of India (Geography made fun with the unique and exciting map puzzle toy to help children learn the states of India).
  • Hammer and ball toys (An engaging toy that helps in enhancing the fine motor skills by teaching grasps, colour matching and hammering helps gross motor skills. Again a must have and worth buying).
  • Creatives Number Fun 123 Puzzle (A fun counting game that introduces children to the world of numbers with activities such as counting of objects, identifying and matching corresponding numeral, sequencing type of a memory game).
  • Wooden tetris puzzle (An amazing toy that promises hours of engagement, aims at training kids imagination, eye hand coordination, colour and shape recognition. It is proven that this toy helps in increasing the Intelligence level).
  • Jenga Blocks timber tower tumbling game (Enhances the physical and mental skills also develops problem solving and social skills well these are just the few benefits of it….moreover being a family game it helps a child to spend some quality time with the family).

Do try these fun and exciting games with your children and make learning more constructive and fun for them.