Making Multiplication Tables Fun: 6 The Power of Learning Through Songs

Multiplication tables Fun:

In the ever-evolving landscape of education, making learning enjoyable and effective is a top priority for parents and educators alike.

Multiplication tables, often viewed as a daunting task for young learners, have been transformed into a fun and engaging activity thanks to the advent of educational songs.

In this blog, we will explore how learning multiplication tables has become a delightful experience through music, and highlight some of the best YouTube channels that provide catchy and educational multiplication songs.


The Benefits of Learning Multiplication Tables Through Songs

1. Enhanced Memory Retention

Music has a unique ability to stick in our minds. By setting multiplication facts to a catchy tune, children are more likely to remember them. The repetitive nature of songs helps reinforce memory, making it easier for kids to recall multiplication tables when needed.


2. Engagement and Motivation

Traditional methods of memorizing multiplication tables can be tedious and unengaging. Songs, on the other hand, bring a sense of fun and excitement to the learning process. When children enjoy what they are learning, they are more motivated to continue practicing.


3. Multi-Sensory Learning

Learning through songs combines auditory and visual elements. Watching a video while listening to a song engages multiple senses, which can enhance understanding and retention. This multi-sensory approach caters to different learning styles, making it more effective for a diverse range of learners.


4. Reduced Anxiety

For some children, math can be a source of anxiety. Educational songs provide a more relaxed and enjoyable way to learn, helping to alleviate some of the stress associated with traditional math learning methods.

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Top YouTube Channels for Learning Multiplication Tables

1. Hopscotch

Channel Name: Hopscotch

Featured Video: Skip Counting Songs / Multiplication Songs Compilation

Hopscotch offers a collection of engaging skip counting and multiplication songs that make learning math fun and easy. Their vibrant animations and catchy tunes help children understand and memorize multiplication tables effortlessly.


2. Mr. DeMaio

Channel Name: Mr. DeMaio

Featured Video: Multiplication Songs

Mr. DeMaio’s channel is known for its entertaining and educational content. His multiplication songs are designed to be both informative and amusing, making them a hit with kids and parents alike. The creative lyrics and engaging visuals keep children hooked while they learn.


3. Laugh Along and Learn

Channel Name: Laugh Along and Learn

Featured Video:  Multiplication Tables Fun Songs

Laugh Along and Learn provides a variety of educational videos, including multiplication songs that are perfect for young learners. The channel’s fun approach and easy-to-follow songs help children grasp multiplication concepts quickly and enjoyably.


4. Numberock

Channel Name: Numberock

Featured Video: Math Songs

Numberock is dedicated to creating high-quality educational content that makes learning math fun. Their multiplication songs are crafted with catchy melodies and clear explanations, helping children understand and remember multiplication tables with ease.


5. Patty Shukla Kids TV – Children’s Songs

Channel Name: Patty Shukla Kids TV – Children’s Songs

Featured Video: Learn Multiplication Tables Fun Songs for Children | Times Tables Multiply Numbers 1-12 for Kids by Patty Shukla

Patty Shukla’s channel is a treasure trove of educational songs for kids. Her multiplication songs cover the times tables from 1 to 12, providing a comprehensive and enjoyable learning experience. The energetic performances and interactive elements keep children engaged throughout.


6. Lingokids Songs and Playlearning

Channel Name: Lingokids Songs and Playlearning

Featured Video: Math Songs for Kids: Learn to Add Doubles | Math Songs by Lingokids

While not exclusively focused on multiplication, Lingokids offers a range of Multiplication Tables and Fun songs that help children develop a strong foundation in arithmetic. Their playful approach and high-quality animations make learning math concepts enjoyable and effective.


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How to Use These Learning Multiplication Tables Through Songs Resources Effectively


1. Incorporate Songs into Daily Routine

Integrate multiplication songs into your child’s daily routine. Play them during car rides, while getting ready in the morning, or as a fun activity before bedtime. Regular exposure will reinforce learning and make it a natural part of their day.


2. Create a Fun Learning Environment

Encourage your child to sing along and dance to the songs. Making learning a physical activity can increase engagement and retention. Set up a designated learning area with a screen where they can watch and participate in the videos.


3. Use Visual Aids

Pair the songs with visual aids such as multiplication charts and flashcards. Visual aids can reinforce the concepts presented in the songs and provide additional practice opportunities.


4. Practice Together

Join your child in singing and learning the multiplication songs. Your involvement can boost their confidence and make the learning experience more enjoyable. Plus, it’s a great way to bond and show support for their educational journey.


5. Track Progress

Keep track of your child’s progress by regularly quizzing them on their multiplication tables. Use the songs as a reference point to help them recall facts. Celebrate their successes and provide positive reinforcement to keep them motivated.



Learning multiplication tables doesn’t have to be a daunting task. With the power of educational songs, children can enjoy a fun and engaging way to master their multiplication facts. The YouTube channels mentioned above offer a wealth of resources that combine music and education to create an effective learning experience. By incorporating these songs into your child’s routine and creating a supportive learning environment, you can help them develop a strong foundation in math that will serve them well throughout their educational journey.


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