Parenting A task during Pandemic

Parenting : A Task During Pandemic

Covid 19 has changed the way we look at various aspects of our life it has been like a war zone for each one of us be it senior citizens, adults, adolescents, kids. Suddenly life seems to be so unpredictable as nobody knows what is going on.

I remember listening to many motivational speakers who said that “The most important thing is life itself”.Now this particular quote has started to make sense as I see people gasping for breath each second, as I see them running around and begging for life.
While all of this seems to be scary and bizarre


has been a biggest challenge as we have lot to navigate. We are still juggling between managing household chores, working remotely and nurturing kids.

As we are all sailing in a same boat my anxiety and worry was the same like any of you I was also worried about my 4 year old daughter be it her emotional well being or academics everything seems to be blurred and chaotic.

But as the time passed I decided to take charge of the situation and accept the present circumstances as they are and deal with it.

So here I am discussing few very important things to support our children during this pandemic :

Keep yourself away from the negativity around:

I do understand that it is a task to be positive during these times but we all need to accept that this the first and foremost important thing that is needed to be done. With the news channels flashing visuals of the ICU’s, Crematoriums etc. we need to ask ourselves as to how much do we need to know. Obviously staying informed is important but too much information of this sort does hamper our peace of mind which eventually creates a negative environment at home and has a catastrophic effect on our children.

Do not rush:

As I mentioned in my earlier blogs that online classes are a NEW NORMAL for us but not for our children specifically for smaller age groups. It is worrisome to see parents following herd mentality and rushing up to get there kids involved in lot many online classes other than the ones conducted by the school which are simply not required. What matters the most is how much time are we able to spend with our kids. Get them involved in some household chores, Incorporate new activities into your routine like a doing  a puzzle or having family game time in the evening.

Be Understanding:

As we are all forced to stay indoors and are confined to our house are children are disappointed at not being able to see friends or visit other family members. Be receptive to this and tell them that you understand their disappointment, and you are missing out on friendships and family get togethers as well.

Virtual get togethers:

Let them socialize through the internet. So that they can keep in contact with their friends and grandparents as socializing plays an important role in regulating the mood and help to stay grounded. Moreover communication also helps children to feel less alone and it also cuts on some of the stress that comes from being away from friends.

Keeping the routine intact :

Whenever possible try to make sure that kids still have some routine that they follow for example, getting up, eating and going to bed at the same time every day. Consistency and structure are calming during these unpredictable times. Kids especially younger ones, benefit from knowing what is going to happen and when.

Importance of health and hygiene:

We have never realised the importance of hand washing up until 2020 but today it can be a life saving measure. Get your child into the routine of washing their hands every time they have been outside or come in contact with other people. You can also sing a song or a rhyme while doing it to encourage the habit of hand washing in smaller children.

Well I hope that these tips help you get through the stress of pandemic and please remember to reach out to your pediatrician with any concern you have about your child’s behavioral or emotional well being.

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Loads of love to Kids!