Super Wonder Mom in Quarantine

Super Wonder Mom in Quarantine

Today I Woke up in the morning with my usual night pyjamas and shirt and top of that with headache, body pain, and cramps in legs.

You might be wondering that I hit the Gym yesterday but no my dear moms, I am a Supermom who is doing homeschooling, Cleaning, Cooking, Laundry, and most important my Office. 😊

Yeah, that is the reason for my body aches and mental ache!

Giving 24 hours of mine to my kid and Family.

I have to take care of my kids’ study, his hygiene, Food, and a lot more, simultaneously I have to do the cooking, cleaning, mopping, and laundry along with my work.

I hope all the mothers are facing mental pressure in this 2020 quarantine Year.

When I used to go office, I always thought that working from home is so much fun – no commuting, no packing of food, only pyjamas, and no formalities and now I am desperate to go to the office as it is very hard managing everything together. I even lost my one job due to mismanagement of the routine, as it was fairly new for me, I thought it was too much on my plate, but now I am really a wonder Mom. Let’s talk about some tips where we can manage our little ones to be busy so that we can get some time for ourselves.


I know it’s hard to keep the schedule but we need to if want to be an all-rounder. Set up a to-do list starting from the Morning, you can plan for the next day meal at night so that there will be n Hustle. Laundry on Weekends. Strict to the study & Sleep Hours. Good Planning, Structure, and creativity can manage everything.


After all you are a human being, please take some time for your sleep, at least 6-8 hours for perfect mental health. You can plan your nap time along with your kids as you can take proper rest, otherwise, you will be busy doing their work and ended up in mismanagement. Sleep when they are sleeping and let them know that you have to complete your work in order to get the Good Life (Make them understand that if you will do good in the office, you can buy new gifts, dresses, and toys for them)

Separate role-Mom & Business:

This is the best thing to do but it’s difficult.

You have to be very stringent for your both jobs, homemaker & Office work, Set a different place for office work and let them know that this area is very confined for them, they can’t come there directly, use different messages along with drawing on the doors. Explain the situations and that you will need to remain focused throughout the day with minimal interruptions. (They will surely Understand, my kid is 3.5 Years old, and he does understand) Also plan your breaks according to their mealtime, so that you will be satisfied that you are doing the responsibility equally.

Kids Entertainment:

This is the most important factor if you want to be successful. You can keep them busy by Cryon’s and drawing, some art & craft activities. Give them some limited screen time, so that it won’t be monotonous for them to do drawing every time. You can also do video calling to their friends and they can just chat with each other for 20-30 minutes. Some basic cooking activities (Biscuit train, Fruit teddy and etc) I indulge them in Kids Einstein Activity, it has a lot of fun & learning Activity. Kids will be super busy in this kit.

Offer Incentives/Gifts:

Tell them if they will do their work nicely and let mamma do her job, we will have Pizza Party, a Pool party, Storytime, or a movie night tonight. Reward them well.

Extra Shift/Graveyard Shift:

Sometimes you can do extra shifts when you had a rough day at work or you missed some important deadline in the office. Not often as it will definitely affect your health and led to decreased productivity level.

Swap with your spouse:

Sometimes you can take some rest and let your spouse handle the kids. Once he is done with his regular conference calls, tell him to give kids the lunch or Super, so that you can do some extra work. Maybe kids love it, sometimes change is Good! You can do the opposite shift if your office is allowing so that you both can manage the home properly.

Seek Help:

Sometimes, you can ask for help from your in-laws or any cousin or any friend who has kids, so that kids can get along with them and spend their time well. If that’s the summertime, don’t be afraid to reach out to those who have helped in the past. Tel your in-laws to take care of the kid when things are super busy.

Rest for yourself:

Get some time for yourself, Pamper yourself with Spa Sessions, Night stay at a friend place. Treat yourself to your favorite books, meal & Movie.

Take kids out for an evening walk, cook with them, water the plants, do drawing & coloring with them, and a lot more.

Hire a Nanny/Weekend Work:

As a last resort, you can take the help of a nanny if things are not settling up at work. So that kids will be occupied with her and you can do wonders at work. Just for few weeks, you can take the help of her.

I hope you can manage your kids by taking some help from these tips, I understand every kid is different, everybody needs mom’s attention but knowing that it is just a Phase.

I can’t guarantee, but it’s worth a shot! (Finger Crossed).

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 Loads of love for Kids!