Turning Your Kids Into High Performing Machines In COVID -19 -Immunity & Hygiene

Turning your Kids into High Performing Machines in COVID -19 -Immunity & Hygiene

I hope you all had many Fun plans for the year 2020 like I do!

But this Year Starts with the Pandemic called COVID-19. Kids have stopped going to school, everybody is staying at home, working remotely, No vacations, No huge birthday Celebrations, and a lot more.

I am a working professional with a Kid, always worried about my Kid about immunities and personal Hygiene. Most of the time I am on google looking for immunity foods, tips, and safeguarding tips for my kids.

Here are some ways to increase Immunity & best hygiene’s Tips for kids:

Healthy & Balanced food: 

we all know what are healthy foods for our loved one but still we can ignore some things which we already knew. A balanced diet has Carbohydrates, Protein, Vitamins & Minerals, fats, and Fibers.

Green Leafy Vegetables:

Green leafy vegetables are rich in Vitamin C, A, D & E and Zinc, Iron, Magnesium & Phosphorus. Iron really helps in increasing white blood cells which fights the infection in our body. Spinach, Kale, Broccoli, Iceberg Lettuce, Mustard Greens, Chards, and beetroot it has an excess of Iron (Folate), fiber, Magnesium, Phosphorous, Vitamin C, A. Mushrooms are the best source of Zinc; we can include more vegetables for Immunity boosting. We can give them Salads, Soups and Stews including Cucumbers, Zucchini and Avocados.


Garlic, Ginger, Cinnamon Turmeric have antiviral & Antibacterial properties. We can add Turmeric with milk to increase immunity, along with that we can give Herbs tea, Basil tea, Heart-leaved moonseed (Giloy) with hot water.

Citrus foods

: (Lemon, Sweet Lime, Grape Fruit, Orange, and Gooseberry (Amla). They have Vitamin C which helps to boost our immunity by increasing the White Blood Cells.

Dairy Products: 

Milk & Yogurt. Curd is full of probiotic; it has good bacteria that fights with bad bacteria in our body. We can have Curd/Yogurt in various forms: Butter Milk (Lassi), Raita, or flavored yogurt with fruits.

Animal Products & Pulses

: They are full of protein. We can give them Egg in various forms (Boiled, Omelets, poached, scrambled, and French Toast), Meat, fresh Chicken, and Fish. Pulses including Dal, Black Grams, Kidney Beans, Chickpeas and etc.


They are the whole package of Energy. They have minerals & Vitamins, Omega Acids, Zinc, Magnesium, Vitamin E, and a lot more. We can give them a handful of nuts for munching like Almond, (overnight Soaked), Peanuts, Pistachios, Walnuts, Raisins, Cashews, dried figs, and many more. Avoid giving them Junk food and Processed foods (French Fries, Salami & Sausages, Potato shots, Chips, Candy, Soda Drinks, and many more.

Keep Hydrated:

As you know every living thing on this earth needs water. Earth consists of 70% water the same is with our body. Water is the most essential need for our water, without water our body will not function properly, it helps us to make our body temperature normal, fights with illness, we need water to digest our food. Kids only drink water when they are thirsty or while eating food, we should encourage them to drink a lot of water in form of fresh juices, honey lemon water, hot soups, organic tea, coconut water, hot water, cucumbers, watermelons, chestnuts, and more water-containing foods. 


We have noticed that our kids are missing schools, not meeting their friends, teachers, no more vacations, their regular routine has disappeared, which led to lack of sleep. Lack of sleep definitely affects their behavior mentally & physically. Screen time has definitely increased, they are on Smart Phones, Tablets, Television or Video Games. You know sleep helps our body to increase immune-boosting cells which protect us.

New-born -up to 18 hours, toddlers – 12-13 hours, children Between7-12 – 10 hours, we have to stop their screen time before bedtime especially, make them go out in the sunlight, try to indulge them in physical activities more.
Make a proper routine for them to increase their sleep pattern.


Make them play more physical games instead of playing with Screens.
We can engage them to be more physically involved, like they can join us in Clean up, dusting (with all precautions).
You can do Yoga (Kids Yoga), Zumba for kids, Dance practice, short strolls, and cycling in the Garden Area.
You can also engage him in Gardening, teaching him/her the basic small steps for gardening, grow small plants together.

Washing Hands:

Everybody in this pandemic is aware of washing hands, we should teach them to wash hands for at least 20 sec with Soap & Water – they can sing any song while washing hands and make sure they are washing top of their hands, in between the fingers, thumbs and fingernails also. Teach them the Steps for washing hands and sanitizing process.
Washing hands before & After Meals, Playing, using the washroom, sneezing, blowing the nose, or coughing. 


Get the best sanitizer for them, also teach them to Sanitize their toys, Computers, Study Tables, TV & AC Remotes, Light Switches, Door Handles, Toilet Faucets, Window panels, and Balconies often.
We can use Disposable Gloves & Masks.

You can keep a separate basket for your kid’s dirty clothes to avoid mixing them with the other family members.

Always wear masks or cover your mouth while going out:

Wearing masks while stepping out from the home, if you are using the same mask wash it often with an antiseptic and dry it in the straight sunlight.

Avoid using the common Hand/Bath towel for kids and the other family members.

Make Social Distancing Avoid touching eyes, nose & mouth with hands in a public place, avoid shaking hands.

Tell them stories about the same so that they can understand this concept well.

Do you Mommies have more ideas to boost immunity in kids?

Please share it with us in the comment section below.  I will share more views on my upcoming article related to kids.

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Loads of love for Kids!