Mom Who Are Community Helpers ?

Yesterday I was watching news of Framer protest, suddenly my 4 year boy asked me “Mom who are Farmers?”

Then I realised that I need to teach him all our Helpers, to the context of any emergency Situations , it’s very important to introduce the Community Helpers to our kids, so that they can recognise people and trust them who are in charge to serve & protect us, like Police Officer, Doctors, Firefighters ,teachers and etc.

We always teach our kids to avoid talking to strangers, but in any emergency situations like fire at home, children need to recognize the particular community helper by their dress and to call out for the help for our safety.

We need to teach our kids that community helpers are the people who work together to make a better community for everyone.

In some schools, they even teach kids to interact with community helpers for every situation.

community helpers
I am listing all the Community helpers for our lovely kids:

Doctor & Dentist-Those who help us to stay healthy.

Veterinarian-Those who help our pets to stay healthy.

Teacher & Librarian– who help us to learn new & exciting things.

Police officer & Fire Fighter-Those who keep us safe.

Mail Carrier/Post Man– Those who bring us mail and packages

Farmer, Chefs, Fishermen & Cooks-Those who provide food to us.

Sanitation worker (Garbage Collectors)-Those who keep our community clean.

Construction worker & Plumber– Those who help us in repairing our home & to build new home.

Bus Drivers & Road construction workers, Crossing guards-Those who help us to travel Safe.


You can make your children learn these community helpers by drawing the pictures of them with their important tools.

We can ask them multiple questions as “who does what job?” or “where does he work?”

Also, we can put on a play with community helpers cut outs or puppets.

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