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Dussehra Crafts & Arts in Quarantine

Ever since I am born, I am always excited during this festival time. But this year, due to this Corona Pandemic everything is in slow pace. This pandemic has been around for months now, but we have to celebrate our Festivals by laying special emphasis on our health and our little ones. Kids can’t sit at home every time as this is going very monotonous for them, especially in Festivals. As our festivals are now around the corner with Dussehra, Diwali and then most awaited Halloween & Christmas. This is a wonderful time for family get together, eat, cook & celebrate. In India, everyone started the Deep cleaning in these Festivals, likewise I was also talking about it yesterday and the biggest concern i was facing is “what will my kid do when I will be doing this cleaning & Dusting Work?”

I have got great ideas to keep them busy while I am away!

Dussehra & Diwali comes with Rangoli designing, Diya Decorations, Dandiya nights, Card making and lot more. Let’s get started with the easy & simple Fun Ideas to engage our little ones and also make them aware about the rituals & Ceremonies of our vast Culture.

1.Diya Decoration: This is the best activity to engage kids.  It is said that people of Ayodhya celebrated the homecoming of their King Rama by lighting Diya’s.

Things required:

  • 3 Diya’s.
  • Acrylic Paints ( Red/Green)
  • Glue/Fevicol
  • Paintbrushes.
  • Stones ( Fake Pearls)
  • Glitters

1: Start painting your Diya’s with different colours and let them dry. Make sure you apply block colours like (Pink, Red, Orange, Golden), Add two coats to cover up Cracks.

2: Once the paint is dries, apply glue on the rim of the Diya and paste stones or peals on top of it. You can also use contrasting colours on Diya, inside one colour & outside other. We can add multiple pearls, dried flowers or stones on the rim with the golden outline.


Painting Diya’s is the fun activity with kids as this is a part of our tradition.

It’s a simple activity, we can do with our kids, or in group.


2: Print, Colour, Cut & Play:

Here is the sheet for the little ones, where they don’t have to do anything hard, just need to print it, colour it in their own way and cut it.

mask 02 mask 03









They can do it with Crayons, Water Colour or with Pencil colour. (Easily available at home)

Its ready! 🙂 (Supersonic, Fast & Done)


3: Handmade Card/ Card Decorations:

This is the activity where you can see the talent of your kids 😊








Cards 02.     Cards 03

Cards 01

I have many ideas for these festival Seasons but these 3 I found pretty easy to engage kids.

Hope you like it!

If you have any more ideas, you can share with me in the comment section.

I would love to the new ideas from busy Mommies!

I will share more views on my upcoming article related to kids for Festivals.

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Loads of love to Kids!