Dental Health Care is Important Too

Every time I am only concern about my Kids Health: Physical, Social & Emotional but I never cared about Dental health.

I always assume that cavities don’t matter as they will get the new teeth after 5 Years, but I was wrong as Dental Decay can create problems in the future. My kid is 4 Years old and I have started feeling the ignorance of Oral /Dental care. Healthy teeth are the most important to our child’s development. Healthy teeth help to eat the food and Talk. On the other hand, Poor oral care led to infections, Cavities, and other diseases. Tooth Decay is the most common problem in pre-schoolers and further damages the teeth as they grow old.

Let’s talk about some points for Dental Care: 

Good Dental Habits:
Let’s your kids choose their own tooth-brush and their favourite flavor for toothpaste as well. Teach them the Brushing techniques and you need to supervise them for at least 2 minutes. Tell them to brush their teeth for 2 Minutes and teach them the Brush, Floss & Rinse activity. You can use the timer for 2 minutes or in-built light timer Brushes (Paw Petrol Light Brush) or else you can play their favourite song or rhyme for 2 minutes to keep them busy. We can also show them the Oral care Videos or books to make them understand the importance of oral health.

Brushing & Flossing:
You can start giving them tooth-brush as soon as we have a single tooth. You can choose the type of toothbrush as per the age of the child (Infant, Toddler or Child). We can introduce a small amount of toothpaste at age 3 to prevent cavities. Flossing is an integral part of oral care. Teach them the flossing steps or you can do the flossing with them so that they can follow you.

Cavities & Sugar:
You need to watch their sugar intake as it will affect their teeth. The longer the sugar sticks to their teeth, the more is the risk of cavities. Always make sure to brush their teeth after any sugary food. Also, make sure to avoid Sippy cups for any juice or sugary liquids. Nowadays children’s medicines are also of sweet-flavored, you can make them brush their teeth twice in a day or maybe 4 times if they are taking any specific sugar/sweet Medicines.

For healthy teeth, you have to add Calcium to their diet. Green leafy vegetables & Milk products provide calcium for the proper formation of teeth. Cheese & yogurt are high in Calcium & Protein which helps in strengthening teeth. They can drink a lot of water, green veggies, whole grains & fruits for good Oral Health. Vitamin A, C, D, Calcium, Phosphorus, Fluoride & Phosphorus are the best food for teeth. Kids who eat a lot of sugary food (Candies, Soda, Juices and etc) are at higher risks of cavities. Make sure they brush their teeth twice a day or after eating sugary food. 

Fluoride plays an integral part in Oral Health as it reduces the cavities in kids, It helps in the hardening of tooth enamel. Children get most of the fluoride from drinking water, if your water doesn’t contain fluoride, you can give them orally. We can introduce Fluoride toothpaste to our kids after 3 years, as too much fluoride can make stains on the teeth.

 Dental Check-ups:
As a part of your doctor’s check-up Routine, you can go to a Dentist for a check-up. He will make sure that teeth are developing normally and there is no dental problem. You can take him to the dentist before his first Birthday for early prevention.

 Your Child’s well-being is in your hands and oral hygiene is very important for overall health. You can teach them everything for a long-term/lifetime of Good Dental Health. You can motivate your kids by giving them different kinds of brushes, stickers, or stars.

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