Consonant and Vowel Sounds, Learn about Consonant and Vowel Sounds

Consonant and Vowel Sounds

Let’s Learn about Consonant and Vowel Sounds:- After teaching Phonics second step is to teach kids the blending of two letters. but before that, we should tell them about vowels and consonants. We shared a table to explain Phonic sounds, Let’s learn about Vowels and Consonants.

Vowels: A sound which we can make with the free mouth, without being blocked. Vowels are the words that start with A, E, I, O, and U.

Example: Apple, Elephant, Insect, Owl, Utensil
We use “An” with these words as they are starting with the Vowels.

Vowels are of 3 types:

Long Vowel:

There are 5 sounds in this pure vowel.

Short Vowel:

There are 7 sounds here.


There are 8 Sounds in this Vowel.

Bath, Car, Safari

Door, Saw, Walk

Bird, Work, Hurt

Sheep, Eagle, Field

Moon, Grew, Through

Bit, Busy, Started

Bed, Said, Dead

Cat, Mat, Apple

Cup, Up, Money

Good, Put, Should

Got, What, Because

About, The, Police

Year, Beer

Chair, There

Joke, Vote

They, Bath

My, Dice

Joy, Noise

Out, Vow

Poor, Moor

A sound that is not a vowel, here the breath is blocked on its way out of the mouth.

The English Letters: B, C, D, F, G, H, J, K, L, M, N, P, Q, R, S, T, V, X, Z, and W & Y are known as consonants.

Example: Boy, Cat, Dog & Snake.

We will use “A” with these.

There are 24 consonants in English, divided into 2 parts:

Voiced Sounds- 15 SoundsVoiceless Sounds-9 Sounds

Ball, Hobby, Herb

Dog, Added, Played

Jam, Fudge, Danger

Green, Hug, League

Video, Move, Of

This, With, Mother

Has, Cozy, Zebra

Visual, Leisure, Television

Man, Lamb, Tummy

No, Funny, Knife

Sing, Uncle, Angry

Yes, Onion, View

Light, Feel, Smelly

Right, Berry, Wrong

Win, One, Where

Pen, Jump, Hopping

Table, Little, Watched

Itch, Chips, Picture

Key, Car, Luck

Fire, Laugh, Phone

Thick, Teeth, Healthy

See, City, Notice

Shop, Nation, Special

House, Hungry, Who

Phonic (pronunciation) Table

Sr. NoCapital
As In
1Aaah, ऐApple, Axe
2BbBah, बBat, Basket
3CcCah, क Cake, Camera
4DdDah, डDoctor, Dice
5EeEh, एEgg, Elf
6Ff Fah, फFish, Flower
7GgGah, गGoat, Gift
8HhHah, हHorse, Hawker
9Ii  Ih, इ, आईIndia, Island
10Jj Jah, जJelly, Jar
11KkKah, कKing, Kettle
12Ll Lah, लLadybird, Ladder
13MmMah, मMonkey, Mango
14NnNah, नNest, Nail
15Oo Oh, ओOrchid, Otter
16PpPah, पPeas, Pear
17QqQuah, क़्वाQuill, Quilt
18RrRah, रRadish, Rose
19SsSah, सSnail, Sandwich
20TtTah, टTap, Tree, Tulip
21UuUh, अ, यूUmpire, Uniform
22VvVah, वVan, Violin
23WwWah, वॉWatermelon, Well
24XxX, क्सX-mas tree, X-ray
25YyYah, यYak, Yatch
26Zz Zz, जZero, Zip

P.S- Every Voiceless sound has a similar Voiced sound.

Facts on Letters & Sounds:

    • Letters are written, whereas Sounds are spoken.
    • When we write, we use spellings (Alphabets) which have 26 Letters.
    • When we speak, we use phonetics, which has 44 sounds.
  • There are 44 sounds in English, divided into 3:

   Vowels, Consonants, Diphthongs

  • Alphabets letters= 26 letters, 44 sounds
  • Vowels: 5 Letters =20 Sound
  • Pure Vowels= 12 Sounds, Diphthongs=8 Sounds
  • Consonants= 21 Letters=24 Sounds
  • Voiced sound of consonants=15 Sounds
  • Voiceless Sound of Consonants=9 Sounds
  • Digraphs: It is a combination of two letters that make one completely speech Sound: “sh” in Shoe

These are the basic things, which I wanted to share with the kids.
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