Parenting Things to consider for choosing a writing pencil for your child

Top 5 Parenting Things to consider for choosing a writing pencil for your child

We all know that children are fickle creatures, but they are also the ones who have a huge impact on our lives.

Top 5 Parenting Things to consider for choosing a writing pencil for your child.

Top 5 Parenting Things to consider for choosing a writing pencil for your child

Children are the future and they need to be cared for. So, we need to ensure that we give them a good start in life. If it’s your kids’ first day in school, you need to make it perfect with every little detail including a school bag, uniform, stationary – pencils, erasers, etc. But do you know the pencil plays an important role in that? Yes, you read correctly!

Pencils last with them through their schooling years, and not just one or two schools, but several schools, even college. 

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Therefore, it is important to invest in quality products for them. If don’t know the trick of buying, this article is for you. Here we have shared with you some tips on how to choose the best child’s pencils.

1. Always check the marking on the back of the pencil.

The HB pencil is ideal for writing. It has a hard surface that does not smudge the child’s hands, and it has a black lead that does not leave any marks on the paper. If you want your child to enjoy writing with a pencil, then choose one marked as HB.

2. Good Quality

The quality of the pencil must be good enough so that it doesn’t break on you after a few days or weeks of usage. Good quality means that there won’t be any problems with the tip breaking off or chipping off after some time has passed!

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3. Easy to sharpen

The pencil must be durable enough to withstand the wear and tear of life and handle any kind of weather condition (from humid to dry). It should also be easy to sharpen and replace when it is broken or worn out. You can also choose a pencil that has a sharpener attached to the barrel or comes with one separately. 

4. Reasonable Price

Choose a brand that is pocket-friendly yet do not ignore the quality. But look for a good brand that comes at an affordable price. Though this may not seem like much, it can make all the difference when it comes to buying school supplies for your child. You can always go for a cheaper brand if your child likes it but if they do not – then it’s time to look at other options!

5. Grip 

Providing your child with a good writing pencil is the best way to teach handwriting. In order to write effectively, you should be able to grip the pencil in a stable yet flexible manner. To ensure the pencil is right for your child, have them hold it before buying it.

If your child needs help with grip and handwriting then try using special aids and soft plastic grips available in the market. The most important thing is to keep an eye on the size of the grip. A good grip allows your child to hold and write comfortably without getting tired or cramped.

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The best way to encourage your child to use a writing pencil is by handing them one for a few days, then asking them to describe what they like about it.

Ask them what they think about the feel of the pencil tip, or how they can improve their writing experience.

6. Size of the pencil

Starting school is a great milestone for both children and parents. If your child is starting school, choose a bigger and thicker pencil to ensure a good grip. 

This will help your child be more independent in writing and drawing with the feeling of power over their materials. Plus, improve their writing skills as they start looking at each line as well as being able to draw more detailed pictures.

Pencil Brands you can choose from

Our list of the best writing pencils for kids will help you make an informed decision. They are as follows – 

    It is easy to find these brands of pencils in the market and they have been around for decades.


    Hopefully, Top 5 Parenting Things to consider for choosing a writing pencil for your child should make it easier for you to find that perfect pencil that fits seamlessly into your child’s hand and makes them feel confident writing their first sentences and many more to come.

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