Shapes Around out Tiny Tots

Being a mother, we don’t have patience during the process of learning and one of the concept is Shapes as how to identify different shapes around our tiny tots. It is a unique concept as it strengthens kid’s mathematical skills. They will learn how to sort shapes and objects into various groups. This will give an idea for problem solving & analytical skills.

 We can take our children out to analyse the different shapes around us, they can draw the rough shape looking at the drawing.

I am mentioning various shapes, we can teach our little ones slowly & gradually one by one.

  • Square 

  • Circle  

  • Triangle  

  • Rectangle 

  • Star  

  • Oval

  • Heart  

  • Diamond  

  • Pentagon  

  • Hexagon 

  • Heptagon 

  • Octagon  

  • Nonagon  

  • Decagon  


You can make those shapes on different paper with different colours and kids will enjoy colouring them.
They will learn the different shapes from the colours & cut-outs. You can make them understand with the help of sides, like triangle has 3 sides & circle has no side. This will help them understand the difference between shapes, also you can play various games with them like, you can draw different shapes and tell them to jump on them, this way they will enjoy the game and learn too.

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 Loads of love to Kids!

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