Early Learning Hindi Reading Books For Child

Top 6 Early Learning Hindi Reading Books For Child

Early Learning Hindi Reading Books For Child

As Indian parents nowadays are obsessed with teaching their little ones the English language as it is seen as a priority to attend good schools and be successful. As a result, very few children, especially in metros, can speak or read Hindi fluently. 

We know Hindi is a boring language, but it’s parents’ duty to help children learn the new language and make it fun at the same time. 

There are various early learning Hindi books available out there in the market today. But knowing which one is best for your child can be tough. Some good, some bad but every book has its own way that helps you learn Hindi quickly and effortlessly.

Don’t worry! Here in the article, we have listed a few interactive Hindi books for children between the ages of one and six.

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1. Panchatantra

The book has an assortment of stories about animals that were originally penned in ancient India. It teaches basic life lessons focusing on the diverse theme including overcoming fear, fairness and justice, and friendship. The book is accompanied by lovely graphics and strong values that encourage young readers to follow the right path and abide by the sensible laws of the world.

The tales are presented in straightforward Hindi, which makes them simple to comprehend and keeps the young reader engrossed in the book for hours. While making sure that youngsters will love reading the stories by having animals as the main characters.

2. Bal Geet

It is the best educational series to help young learners get ready for school. This book has been thoughtfully created with inquiring learners’ needs in mind. Bal Geet consists of colorful pages with interactive activities and simple language that help early learners gain educational information, and put their abilities to use.

3. Gyanvatika

The Book offers combo series for elementary school-aged children that are intended to provide students with a platform for fostering their curiosity and consequently bolster their Hindi language base. Gyanvatika is carefully curated to foster Hindi language learning and is divided into four levels. The books are a mishmash of poems in Hindi, words and numbers, coloring pages, and tales that are added to make studying more enthralling.

Even the book introduces children to a wide range of subjects such as birds and animals, numbers and varnamala, barakhadi, Indian festivals, chitra varnan, image learning, samanarthi shabd, and virudarthi shabd in order to provide all-around education. Each topic is complemented by beautiful pictures to make learning easier.

Because it covers a wide range of subjects, including Barakhadi, Hindi Poems, Picture Learning, Coloring, and others, Hindi Gyanvatika serves as the ideal book of information for children and serves as a one-stop resource for laying the groundwork for learning the Hindi language.

4. Gol mol bol

This book has a collection of well-known Hindi nursery rhymes from our youth. Gol mol bol comes with all the rhymes we adored as children, including Akkad, Bakkad Bumbe Bo, and The Machali Jal ki rani poem conveys the idea of letting people flourish in their natural surroundings. Both transliteration and poems written in Hindi script are included in this book.

5. Chintiyon Ke Peeche Peeche

Anita adores everything little, including pebbles, worms, beetles, and shells. She once notices a lengthy row of little ants. She chooses to follow them out of curiosity. But where do they ultimately take her?

Maneesha Taneja’s translation is simple to read. Young readers are introduced to some basic, common terminology through zesty illustrations that capture the curiosity of a vivacious young girl.

Thus, the book is a fun approach to exposing babies to common Hindi terms and encouraging them to pay attention to their surroundings.

6. Kahaani Puraani

With your young children, take in the Ram, Sita, Lakshman, and Hanuman narrative. Children will enjoy repeating Kahaani Purani since it is straightforward but rhythmic poetry, and they will also enjoy the way the narrative is delivered. This is also a lovely and enjoyable way to learn the Hindi language.

These books featuring Indian tales are in short supply, as are publications about Indian mythology, stories, and culture. The illustrations are really outstanding! Exploring and discussing this tale with our kids is exciting. Overall, the book is a fantastic resource for learning Hindi.

Closing Words

Learning a new language can be quite an overwhelming task, especially if you have never done it before. However, these books offer captivating stories, a lesson in life, and a great opportunity to learn about our culture, traditions, and customs.