Number 1 to 5 Writing Practice Worksheets


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Welcome to Krazysmart Shop, It’s a one stop destination for Kids who are in the learning stage and want to develop their fine motor skills

Counting Numbers and tracing them help your child to build the Basic maths Skills.

Use these maths worksheets to introduce the number, trace it and learn counting.

If you are looking for a quick & easy way to practice number recognition and develop your kid’s Fine motor skills, Download or print these sheets to make their basics clear.

1-       Count and Trace number 1-*

2-       Count And trace number 2-**

3-       Count And trace number 3-***

4-       Count and trace number 4-****

5-       Count and trace number 5-*****


Print these sheets to perform simple maths like counting & tracing. These sheets will help students develop their number sense while giving them a better chance to trace & Identify .

We also have different flashcards for the basic understanding.

Krazy Smart Shop will help your kids build good study habits along with fun learning.

Krazy Smart Shop is the helping hand to all the lovely moms out there!

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